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Synthetic Heat Tranfer Fluid - Therminol 55 By Solutia ( Eastman )

Standard Test Conditions

• 204°C Test Temperature
• 500 hr Test Duration
• 400 ml. Test Fluid Volume
• 1 ltr /hr Air Flow Rate

Features & Advantage Over Mineral Oil
◊ Approximately Double The Life of Mineral Oil
◊ Negligible Oxidation & Carbonization
◊ The Best Thermal Stability & Heat Transfer in Its Kind

Therminol 55 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid produced by Eastman intended for the use in liquid phase for indirect heating. It is the star performer with unmatched features like efficient heat transfer, longer fluid life and optimal economies of scale in production.

What makes Therminol® 55 the best :
• Therminol 55 has a wide operating range of - 10°C to 305°C
Superior oxidation resistance because of Aromatic based synthetic chemistry
• Usage results in lower maintenance as compared to others
• Increases the life of the fluid by eliminating the risk of insoluble high boiler formation and fouling
• Therminol 55 is compatible with almost all types of mineral oils
• Has a constant product quality of 100% purity

What makes Therminol 55 even better is that using this fluid one can save more energy and fuel !

So be a part of the family that serves more than 3000 customers in India and meets the need across industry segments including textile, rubber, leather, polyester films, packaging, plywood, edible oil, chemicals and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industries.